In a raw, honest account of her journey through womanhood, London born writer and poet Sarah Aluko released Firstborn, her debut poetry collection in tandem with International Women’s Day. Firstborn is a story of how a young woman writes her way back to herself. It tackles themes such as love, abuse, femininity, heartbreak and survival in poetry form. Sarah aims to show readers that it is important to embrace every part of yourself, including parts that we consider to be dark and ugly. The book shows you an interesting perspective of a woman of colour finding her way in a black and white world. Divided in three segments Dusk, Twilight and Dawn, each section unveils a different mountain, overcomes heartache and conquers a personal war. Although the book is hard hitting with feminist undertones, it still manages to capture a universal pain that many can relate to. Through Sarah’s poetry, readers are taken on a journey of self-discovery and constant healing showing us that she, like so many others, is not a one-dimensional creature but also has many layers and her own unique story to tell. Through her captivating story-telling, readers are reminded that remaining true to your authentic self is the only way to truly survive in contemporary society, a place that is constantly dictating to you what version of yourself you are expected to be. “It was important for me to become honest with my poetry. I delved into places within myself that I had hidden for years. I learnt that freedom came when I finally let go, and told the truth”, says Sarah.

‘’…You see I have been many many women All hopelessly attempting to love you And all the women in me are tired. Tired of choking on I love you Knowing that each word is a prison sentence In which you cannot afford the bail…’’ - (An extract from the poem, Many many women) 

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